What can a Portable Health Device do for you?

The concept behind PHD is a simple one.

It starts with a common problem that none of us are able to carry our medical records around with us. Each time we visit a doctor we have to fill out a bunch of forms in order to provide them with an accurate record. As patient's we must do this to assure that our doctor won't write us a prescription or order treatment that conflicts with something we're doing on our own or that another doctor has previously put into place.

What PHD offers is to take all of this medical data --no matter whether it's prescriptions, tests, x-rays, allergies, or virutally anything else in our medical history-- and makes it all portable. Something we can carry with us on a small flash drive, which can then be plugged into any computer. This give you a more complete medical history than can possibly be noted on a form, and makes it immediately available to healthcare professionals even in those times when you cannot alert them because of an accident or illness.

By integrating all of your medical data into a single, portable and simple to use platform each of your doctors will now immediately know everything any other doctor has done. The doctor gets a complete medical history that was never before possible, so you as the patient don't end up taking the same tests over and over. Nor do you have to worry about known prescription conflicts.

And best of all, you won't have fill out any more forms every time you go to the doctor's office. Simply hand them your PHD device and it's all already there!


Medical data at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

Example data is available at:
Emergency Data
Patient Data
Doctor Data
Insurer Data