Gynaecological Imaging &
Ultrasound in Obstetrics

JCA Medical Semianrs are developing our Obs & Gynae Imaging course discussing diagnostic Ultrasound & Mri in Obstetric Screening, Fetal heart abnormalities, Down’s syndrome, Fibroid Embolisation, Ovarian and Gynaecological cancers. Please visit our Upcoming Seminars page for dates and information.

Gynaecological Imaging

The most widely used form of imaging in gynae is ultrasound. Ultrasound is based on sound waves and is used in many different fields. It penetrates a medium and measures the reflection signature which reveals details of structures.
In gynae ultrasound has limitations in its abiity to stage malignant disease whereas MRi is excellent for this.
Most gynae imaging is performed by transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasound which in most cases leads to diagnosis.

Ultrasound in Obstetrics

With technology changing everyday it is now possible to achieve incredible detail when imaging foetuses. Vital for the consultant for prediction, diagnosis and treatment of fetal pathology.
Today we have 4D scanners which provide an unbelievable picture of a fetus – with every detail visible, including nails and eyebrows. Today’s scanners are called real time scanners offering a continuous picture of a moving fetus.
Ultrasound in obstetrics is used for confirmation of pregnancy, staging the size of the fetus, evaluating vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy and diagnosing fetal malformations.